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An entrepreneur is someone who identifies a business opportunity and transforms it into a scalable and successful business. Entrepreneurs set out to discover and conquer! With or without previous experience, entrepreneurs are characterized by being optimistic and dreaming big. With Yanbal, you can also be an entrepreneur! Our team is ready to share all the tools you need to succeed with your beauty business. What are you waiting for?

To become an entrepreneur with Yanbal, sign-up as a Style Advisor on our website. You will have access to all the necessary tools to manage your new business and be part of our community of more than 600,000 entrepreneurs around the world.

We offer an incredible opportunity to develop and grow your own business on your own terms. With our product portfolio—jewelry, makeup, fragrances, body care and skincare—you can earn an additional income on a flexible schedule, because you are the boss!

As a Yanbal USA Style Advisor, you define the specific goals that fit your lifestyle. Whether it’s part-time or full-time, you decide how far you want to go.

We believe together we can dream bigger! Our business opportunity allows you to be a part of a powerful community of Latinxs who are making their dreams come true.       

A Yanbal USA Style Advisor is an individual who has chosen to join our community with the intention of building an independent business, by selling Yanbal beauty products available in a unique personal website that we provide.
In addition, a Style Advisor can offer the Yanbal Opportunity to others and start building and sponsorting a team. This is the first step to grow in our Ladder of Success; as your personal group expands, so will your earnings! You’ll continue making a profit through your personal sales, while inspiring others to change their lives with our business opportunity.

As always, you set the goals and we are here to support you every step of the way!    

Yanbal USA Style Advisors enjoy many benefits! From earning up to 50% comission on their retail sales to building an independent business with a flexible schedule right from home. Our Style Advisors have access to exclusive business trainings, innovative product launches, special incentives, and so much more. Plus, you will be welcomed to a diverse community of Latinxs who come together to empower, lift and support each other.

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You already have what it takes: the desire to change your life and dream big! No previous experience? Keep reading… You are in the right place! We develop your natural talents and passions into business skills! However, to officially enroll as a new Yanbal USA Style Advisor, you need to be over the age of 18, have a social security or Tax ID number, a valid email address, and a residential address within the United States (including Puerto Rico). Also, you need to have a credit or debit card to complete your payment.       

Yes, you can join Yanbal USA even if you are affiliated with another company.

We are here to support you! If you start to doubt your status as Style Advisor, don't hesitate to share your thoughts with our Customer Care team. We want to hear from you and empower your business journey.

You can start your business today for only $49! You’ll be able to choose between two Starter Kits - Influencer Kit y Social Demo Kit - both of which include all your must-haves for a successful business, with content in English and Spanish to reach even more clients!

What’s inside each Starter Kit?
• Key Yanbal products to start selling to your first customers (products vary depending on the Starter Kit you choose)
• Aroma Kit with demos of our incredible fragrances
• Demo Pouch with samples for you and your customers to try our products!
• Ring light to take photos and Lives directly from your cell phone
• Cell phone pop-socket to show that you are part of Yanbal's family wherever you go
• Access to Maya
• Opportunity Materials: New Style Advisor Checklist and Discover Yanbal Flyer
• Free Shipping* 

*The cost of shipping to Puerto Rico is USD$5.95
**The Starter Kit is not required in North Dakota. 

It depends on your availability and the time you want to dedicate to your business.
You chose your own schedule, because you are the boss

No, there are no minimum purchases or inventory requirements. All your earnings are subject to your sales.

No, there are no minimum purchases or inventory requirements.

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